I have a very specific, non specific vision of imperfect perfection

TrAiLeR fOr My ShOrT fIlM

Hey guys, so here is the trailer for “Sometimes I float” by yours truly, my short film which I’m stooooooked will be premiering at the Reelheart international film festival in downtown Toronto, late June. Those of you who follow me on wordpress, thanks for sticking through, I promise to post more as I film and keep you guys updated i m a c r a z y boi on the regs. 

Also big thank you to Erin Milne for helping me and inspiring me along the way, you’re a huge part of who I have become over the passed two years and I love you. Another big thanks to Wallace Williams for helping with the audio and providing the amazing music for it. Couldn’t do it without ya brah. Also thanks to the little man i n j o k e r m and o n t David Moysey for being my brah since grade 4, I hope to continue to share movie knowledge and use you to help myself rediscover great cinema.



ChEcK iT oUt

This is my good friend Wallace Williams and he has finally opened a soundcloud page for himself and uploaded his amazing ep. If you don’t know Wallace Williams, he’s the one responsible for all of the original score in my movies as well as post audio work. If you like post rock/experimental/psychedelic you’ ll dig this.

Dont think of this as an ad either cus I cant stand that shit, Im only tellin ya cus i luv ya and it will do great things to you if you give it a listen.

InTeRvIeW wItH mE mO mO

This is an interview done with me while I was shooting stuff for “Sometimes I float”. E n j o i i

Mai RuLes ov fIlm #4

Absolutely nothing even slightly obnoxious will be shown on screen. All characters will be true to real life rules of speech, no one will be cliche.

Too many movies these days are just literally too obnoxious to watch. If you want me to care about your character, do not forcibly shove them in my face and tell me to care about them, I wont. When I watch a movie I want to make that decision myself.

Check out this scene Quentin Tarantino farted out of his anus;

Leonardo DiCaprio has the acting range of a bar of soap and Jamie Foxx is basically just playing himself, an obnoxious dude, also with the acting range of a soup can.

I do not like this movie because never once did I care about these characters, and if i don’t, then how am I suppose to be invested into anything thats happening to them? The music selections in this movie where terrible, Rick Ross? Seriously? The only thing that slightly saved this film from being an absolute limp dick train wreck was the parts with Ennio Morricone music, thats it. Usually Quentin has fantastic music choices for his films, but something was just off in this one, maybe it was that each scene consisted of 6 minutes of unneeded and often obnoxious dialogue between characters I didn’t give a fuck about.

Its this thing hollywood movies do nowadays that really pisses me off, that is to have a character act the same way in every scene throughout the movie, in other words “being their character type” in all scenes no matter what is happening. A real psychopath usually is someone who isn’t so easily understood, someone you are unsure about, but in every scene with Leonardo Decaprio he is so obviously the villain, the psychopath, they gave that away in the fucking trailer for god sakes. Jamie Foxx and his wife Broomhandle where also just as obvious. They aren’t 3 dimensional characters at all, they’re costumes.

On the flip side, Tarantino in his previous film outings has made amazingly 3 dimensional characters/villains. Bill in kill bill for example, was someone mysterious, threatening, a murderer, a psychopath, but, at the same time, he could be a loving father to his child as well as a teacher and mentor. He wasn’t obvious, thats why he was so dangerous to the bride.

Another example of Tarantino having diverse and complex characters is in Reservoir dogs with Mr. Orange. He was a cop, a young guy with a bright future, a good guy, but on the other hand, he was a lier, he would become friends with guys, gain their trust only to sell them all out. He’s not obvious, he’s complex, and life is complex, and cinema is reflection of life.

Pulp fiction is also another good example of Tarantino bending and flexing film form and having characters that are multidimensional. At the end of the day you are allowed to walk out of the theatre and say “damn why did that have to happen to him?” Or “He deserved it, I hated him.”

Also, did anyone else notice that in every scene with Jamie Foxx he pretty much says nothing, and when he actually speaks his acting is abysmal? Col. Hans Landa- or I mean Dr. King Shultz  was carrying every scene with Jamie Foxx on his back.

If you want something with substance, something incredibly epic, something true with a unified aesthetic and pace, watch a Sergio Leone movie. None of those characters are characters that are unwatchable, none of those actors are actors who cannot hold a scene, none of the dialogue or story is unrealistic and none of it is obnoxious.

Also, hollywood, no movie will be a good one if it has this d-bag in it;

b a d a b a b a b a b l a c k s h e e p



lIkE wAtER

Make films that are the fog in the forrest not the tree. In otherwords, be the most inexplicable, dont stay in the same form. Expand, retract, float, be something people can see and experience but not something people can grasp. Be something more, be an amalgamation, be a mist. Dont be something anyone else can be, make something no one else can make. Dont stay in the same spot and blend in with the crowd. Be the thing that trips people out and at the same time be the same thing people can also call beautiful. Be fearless and float.

ScReEnShOtS OvE MaI wOrK

These are some screen caps of stuff i’ve filmed over the passed year.


a l l v i s u a l e r r y t h a n g


nEw ShOrT fIlM

Put no restrictions on time, place or moment. Just feel. No gimmicks, only the real.

tHe TrAsh heAp

I think of hollywood cinema nowadays as a trash heap in a giant landfill. Each film thats made is like a consumer product that someone buys, is satisfied with for two minutes, then throws away, adding to the giant trash heap. This trash heap cant really be burned or taken anywhere else, so it just sits there, rotting, killing the environment. I want to make films that represent the hybrid way of life in that situation. I want to be the solar powered car. I want to make films that are part of a solution, not the problem. I want to make films that people will look back on in the future and say we should have been doing that all along, what the fuck were we thinking?


Dont just take things that are programmed to be beautiful and think they are, beauty is truly in the eye of the beholder, beauty isn’t a barbie with perfect tits and hair and perfect makeup, beauty is something true. I find an alleyway covered in graffiti and strewn with trash more beautiful than a supermodel, simply because of the angle beauty is approached by. The alley way may be the home for homeless people, but it is what it is and its unforgiving, its pure, its real. A supermodel wears a fake smile, fake tits, fake walk, she doesn’t act like that when she’s sitting on the couch in her pjs watching the young and the restless, so whats the point in faking beauty? To win a prize saying you’re more beautiful than everyone else here because three judges at a panel said so? As if they’re word means more than the average person who would say something like; “what? I thought the blonde one should have won.” In the end it doesn’t matter.  


Beauty can be ugly, ugly can also be the most beautiful. 


d o n t d r i n k t h e m i l k why  i t s s p o i l e d

NeW Short Film I s OuT

Heres my new short film in its entirety. Watch in 1080p cus thats the quality I intended.


h A p  p y h a l l o w e e n